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Starring Jeremy Piven as retail genius Harry Selfridge


Available on DVD and Blu-ray from PBS Distribution May 5


Arlington, Va.April 28, 2015 – PBS Distribution announced today it is releasing “MASTERPIECE:MR. SELFRIDGE SEASON 3” on DVD and Blu-ray May 5, 2015. All sales are final as Harry Selfridge gambles his store, his fortune, and his personal happiness on an audacious retail strategy in “MR. SELFRIDGE SEASON 3”. Based on the historical exploits of the founder of London’s legendary department store, Selfridge & Co., the series follows Harry through tumultuous times and changing fashions—trends that he helped set. Last season saw him doing his bit for Britain during World War I, even though he was widely disdained as a showboating American.


Season 3 opens with a funeral and a wedding. World War I has recently ended, and soldiers are returning home to reclaim their jobs—at least any job not already taken by women and others on the home front. Adding to the tension, many of the veterans are

haunted by their war experiences. For the store, pent-up consumer demand offers both opportunities and financial perils. Harry, of course, only considers the former, and in short order he is courting disaster—at an auction, at home, and in the bedroom.


MR. SELFRIDGE SEASON 3” will be available on DVD and Blu-ray May 5, 2015. The run time of this program is approximately 450 minutes on 3 discs with a 30 minute Behind the Scenes bonus feature. The DVD SRP is $39.99 and the Blu-ray SRP is $44.99. The program will also be available for digital download.


Returning in the new season are beloved characters who have survived the ups and

downs of Harry’s impulsive schemes: Amanda Abbington (Sherlock, Season 3) as Josie

Mardle, the diffident department head who finally takes control of her own destiny; Aisling Loftus (Page Eight) and Grégory Fitoussi (World War Z) as Agnes Towler and Henri LeClair, wizards of window display who find true love at last, but not without surprising reversals; and Amy Beth Hayes (The Syndicate) and Samuel West (Any Human Heart) as Kitty Hawkins and Frank Edwards, another ardent twosome in the store’s expansive universe.


Then there is Aidan McArdle (Jane Eyre), playing the sinister Lord Loxley, defeated last

season but back to make even more dastardly trouble. Plus Ron Cook (Little Dorrit)

reprises his role as Mr. Crabb, the store’s stalwart CFO, who delivers bad news on Harry’s pet project; Trystan Gravelle (Anonymous) is back as Victor Colleano, whose dream to open his own nightspot turns into a nightmare; and Tom Goodman-Hill (Case Histories) returns as the dour personnel director, Mr. Grove, who faces a harrowing emotional ordeal.


Guest stars this season include Zöe Wanamaker (Poirot) as Princess Marie De Bolotoff,

the conniving mother of Harry’s new son-in-law; and Kelly Adams (Endeavour) as Nancy Webb, an attractive social reformer who entices Harry deeper into philanthropy and other intrigues than he ever intended.


Also new to the cast are real-life sisters Kara Tointon (EastEnders) and Hannah Tointon (The Lost Future), playing Harry’s self-assertive daughters, Rosalie and Violette, who have contrasting romantic quandaries.


The real Harry Selfridge used to say, “A store should be like a song of which one never tires”—something he achieved not just with his business but with his thrilling, unpredictable life.


MR. SELFRIDGE SEASON 3” is a co-production of ITV Studios and MASTERPIECE. It is created by Andrew Davies, developed by Kate Brooke and based on "Shopping, Seduction & Mr Selfridge" by Lindy Woodhead. The writers are Kate Brooke, Kate O'Riordan, Helen Raynor, Matt Jones and James Payne. The directors are Rob Evans, Robert Del Maestro, Joss Agnew and Lawrence Till. The producers are Dominic Barlow and Jeremy Piven. The executive producers are Kate Lewis and Kate Brooke. Rebecca Eaton is executive producer for MASTERPIECE.


MASTERPIECE is presented on PBS by WGBH Boston. Funding for the series is provided by Viking River Cruises and Ralph Lauren Corporation with additional support from public television viewers and contributors to the MASTERPIECE Trust, created

to help ensure the series' future.


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Street Date: May 5, 2015

Genre: Drama

Run Time: Approx. 450 Minutes on 3 Discs

SRP: DVD $39.99 and Blu-ray $44.99

Format: DVD and Blu-ray

Special Features: 30 Minute Behind the Scenes bonus feature